Swiss Tech Major, FERRONATO KGS GROUP, Launches Metallised Lifestyle Smart Accessories Brand At EXPO 2020 DUBAI

Global debut of the range of products that guarantee to safeguard digital life showcased at the Swiss Pavilion
2022-01-25 10:20
DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES--(Business Wire/Korea Newswire) January 25, 2022 -- The Swiss technology company FERRONATO KGS GROUP, which specialises in industrial metallised fabrics, forayed into the lifestyle domain with the global launch of a new smart accessories brand - FERRONATO - at the Swiss Pavilion, Expo 2020 Dubai.

“We have always been acknowledged for its focus on innovation tech and the new personal lifestyle accessories brand, Ferronato, is yet another milestone in our journey,” said Sandro Giovanni Ferronato, CEO, FERRONATO KGS GROUP LTD.

FERRONATO KGS GROUP was established in 1906 in Lugano, Switzerland. World-renowned for its precision tools, abrasives and metallised fabrics, KGS is now helmed by a 3rd generation, led by Sandro Giovanni Ferronato.

He added, "Ferronato is a lifestyle brand borne out of a sense of immediacy that creates bespoke, high-end accessories that aim to protect your privacy.”

The Ferronato smart accessories showcased at the Swiss Pavilion include a range of personal products powered by KGS metallised fabrics, including laptop sleeves, phone pouches, totes, and briefcases that ensure the protection of privacy and personal information.

The company said the smart accessories made of metallised fabrics fit in well as an antidote to invasive surveillance threats people face at every step of their personal life.

“These smart accessories, made for our digital life, safeguard from several potential digital threats. This includes from stopping tracking of our location, remote activation of our phone to eavesdropping on our conversations to steal critical information and personal data,” said Alessia Ferronato, Partner, Ferronato.

KGS said that these accessories will curb hacking, tracking, potential cybercrimes, data theft, digital infiltration and system breeches without the consent of an individual or individuals.

As the world's leading manufacturer of flexible diamond abrasives and electrolytically metallised fabrics, KGS’ industrial products are used across many industry verticals. This includes aerospace, aeronautical, defence, automotive, medical equipment, construction, telecommunications and consumer electronics.

The company, with offices in 16 countries, has been supplying products in over 100 countries from its six manufacturing sites in Switzerland, The Netherlands, Hungary, Portugal, United Arab Emirates, China and India.

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  • Swiss Tech Major, FERRONATO KGS GROUP, Launches Metallised Lifestyle Smart Accessories Brand At EXPO 2020 DUBAI
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