SuhRyung Machinery, a Leading Manufacturer of Hydraulic Jacks, to Launch Brand in ASEAN Market

2020-01-10 09:00
YANGSAN--(Korea Newswire) January 10, 2020 -- SuhRyung Machinery Co., Ltd. announced it will launch its brand in the emerging ASEAN automotive market this time, now that it brought its products to BRICS successfully. SuhRyung Machinery specializes in hydraulic jacks, recycles automobiles through its Auto-R business division and exports used cars.

Its hydraulic jacks are categorized into portable hydraulic bottle jacks, toe jacks, and garage jacks. The car recycling division reuses bumpers, doors and used tires; recycles metal scraps, car batteries and nonferrous metals; and remanufactures generators and universal joints after dismantling vehicles. The used car export business unit sells used Korean vehicles worldwide.

The ASEAN Automotive Outlook 2019 from Frost & Sullivan shows Indonesia remained the largest market for new model launches among big three ASEAN markets (Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia). An estimated 634,378 new vehicles were sold in 2018. Toyota, Daihatsu, and Honda took the lion's share of the Indonesian automotive market. Toyota sold 352,161 vehicles in the country in 2018.

“In step with these market conditions, we decided to execute brand launch for our hydraulic jacks in the ASEAN market including Indonesia in 2020 in a bid to double down on marketing to carmakers with potential demand for hydraulic jacks,” an official of SuhRyung Machinery said.

Incorporated in 1989, SuhRyung Machinery has supplied hydraulic jacks to Hyundai Motor since 1977. It obtained the KS (Korea Standard) certification in 1981. It is a first-tier direct supplier to Kia Motors, Tata Daewoo Commercial Vehicle, Zyle Daewoo Commercial Vehicle, and Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation. SuhRyung Machinery has specialized in manufacturing automotive hydraulic jacks for more than 40 years.

More information on SuhRyung Machinery Co., Ltd. and its hydraulic jacks is available at the company's homepage.
Media Contact: SuhRyung Machinery Co., Ltd.   Hyejin Jeong   TEL : +82 55 388 0703   FAX : +82 55 388 0767  
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  • SuhRyung Machinery, a Leading Manufacturer of Hydraulic Jacks, to Launch Brand in ASEAN Market
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