Nel Hydrogen Presents On-Demand Green Hydrogen Webinar

News Source: Nel ASA
2020-01-02 11:06
OSLO, NORWAY--(Business Wire/Korea Newswire) January 2, 2020 -- Nel Hydrogen the world’s largest and most experienced water electrolyser company partnered with Chemical Engineering Magazine to produce a live webinar Electrolysis Hydrogen Will Revolutionize Hydrogen Availability and Benefits explaining the benefits and economics of green hydrogen for renewable energy storage and industrial processes. The webinar was originally presented by Nel Hydrogen’s David Wolff on November 19th on Chemical Engineering’s live webinar platform. Due to the high performance of the webinar, Nel Hydrogen is releasing the webinar to the general public.

Interested parties can view the on-demand webinar here: “The live webinar generated record-setting registration and attendance for Nel and was one of the most successful webinars that Chemical Engineering has hosted. We think that the green hydrogen topic really resonates with the publication’s readership.” says Christopher Van Name, Director of Corporate Marketing at Nel Hydrogen.

Electrolysis Hydrogen Will Revolutionize Hydrogen Availability and Benefits

The rapid and revolutionary changes taking place in the world electric supply has created spectacular opportunities for water electrolysis hydrogen generation. The rapid pace of decarbonization in the US is surprising, as it is based on market economics, whereas earlier, similar trends in Europe and Asia were partially a result of carbon-constraining regulations. Renewables and other zero-carbon generation now account for the bulk of energy supplied to the grid in many regions and are growing as a fraction of the entire electric supply. Renewables are now the least expensive electric source in many parts of the world.

Water electrolysis is a historically important technology that has been improved markedly in recent years - improvements have included lower capital costs, higher electrical efficiency, more compact design, and safer systems. These improved water electrolysis systems, using renewables and zero-carbon electric energy, can make virtually unlimited quantities of green hydrogen - meaning hydrogen made in a zero-carbon fashion.

Green hydrogen, made economical using abundant, cost-effective renewable energy, is creating new chemical synthesis opportunities - fuels, intermediates, and polymers. As hydrogen storage continues to be a challenge, the ability to flexibly create storable products from hydrogen enables more effective use of hydrogen made from renewables.

Webinar will introduce the challenges/opportunities created.

For more information about Nel Hydrogen and green hydrogen sign up to watch the on-demand webinar here: or visit

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  • Nel Hydrogen Presents On-Demand Green Hydrogen Webinar
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