Capacity Growth Across Asia Pacific Sparks Debate Around On-Time Performance Measure

Latest report from OAG evaluates global industry OTP measure
News Source: OAG
2019-11-07 19:01
SINGAPORE--(Business Wire/Korea Newswire) November 7, 2019 -- OAG, the world’s leading provider of travel data and insight, released a new report - Defining Late, is 15 Minutes the Right Measure? - that explores how the global aviation industry defines and measures on-time performance (OTP). The new report provides insight on:

· The different global measures for defining on-time and late flights

· The role schedules and connections play in OTP

· Considerations for short- and long-haul flights

“OTP is a key measure for Asian Pacific airports and airlines. With capacity across Asia Pacific growing by 4.6% over the past 12 months, we explore how the world decides whether flights are on-time or late,” said Mayur (Mac) Patel, Head of JAPAC for OAG. “OTP is also a key regulatory issue. In some regions, regulators will put operational constraints in place until punctuality improves or require providers to compensate travellers for delays.”

An important KPI across the travel ecosystem, 15 minutes is widely regarded as the key measure for airports and regulators, but it is not an official standard. OAG, the experts behind the most comprehensive OTP ranking of the world’s airlines and airports - OAG Punctuality League 2019 and industry accreditation system - OTP Stars, recognize the complexity of the issue.

“The region is a leader in OTP excellence. In our last OTP Stars analysis, ASPAC was home to 8 of the 13 airlines in the world that achieved a 5-star status. The region still has its challenges with the Chinese aviation industry using a standard of 20, 25, and 30 minutes,” said Patel.

OAG’s new report explores the scenarios that are important in measuring punctuality and challenges existing assumptions through a deep understanding of current performance.

“On-time performance affects everyone - travellers, airports, airlines, providers, the economy and more,” said Patel. “The stakes are high. Exploring the current landscape, challenging the status quo and shining a light on the complexity of this issue is important for everyone involved.”

For more information, download the full report: Defining Late, is 15 Minutes the Right Measure?

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OAG’s annual Punctuality League reveals on-time performance results for the world’s largest airlines and airports.

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  • Capacity Growth Across Asia Pacific Sparks Debate Around On-Time Performance Measure
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