Hyosung Chairman Cho Hyun Joon Expands Customer-Centric Marketing Strategies Through Global Exhibitions

News Source: Hyosung (코스피: 004800)
2019-04-19 14:00
SEOUL--(Korea Newswire) April 19, 2019 -- Hyosung TNC (KRX:298020) showed functional yarns to Vietnamese and global customers in the Vietnam Saigon Textile & Garment Industry Expo 2019 in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, from April 10 to 13.

SaigonTex 2019 is Vietnam’s biggest textile exhibition where all kinds of textile-related products, including yarns, fabrics, subsidiary materials and machines, are on display. Its 31st edition was held this year, with 1,041 companies from 25 countries including Vietnam, China and India participating and about 30,000 people visiting the trade fair.

Hyosung TNC plans to raise its brand recognition and tighten its grip on the markets in Vietnam through its high functional yarns suitable to the local climate of the country which is hot and humid in all seasons. It is also expanding collaboration with garment brands through clothes and fabrics using functional yarns such as UV protection yarns, sweat-absorbing and fast-drying yarns and cool touch yarns.

“In the trade exhibition, I could see which way the wind was blowing in the Vietnamese garment and textile markets,” Hyosung Chairman Cho Hyun-joon said, “We will listen to customers and the markets to solidify our status as a global market leader.”

Chairman Cho Hyun-joon has often emphasized that the best way to identify customer needs is to meet with customers directly and listen to them. Last year, he attended the Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics, one of the world’s largest textile trade exhibitions in Shanghai, China. It was the second straight year for him to have attended the event personally. He discussed marketing and business cooperation with officials related to Chinese garment brands.

Hyosung TNC participated in the ISPO Munich 2019 in Munich, Germany, in February. It is a leading international trade fair for sporting goods and sports fashion. It was the first trade fair of this year for the Hyosung affiliate to have joined. The company plans to participate in about 20 global trade shows this year, including the Interfiliere Paris.
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  • Hyosung Chairman Cho Hyun Joon Expands Customer-Centric Marketing Strategies Through Global Exhibitions
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