Kaohsiung Gears up for 2018 IeSF Esports World Championship

News Source: Kaohsiung City Government
2018-11-05 12:00
KAOHSIUNG, TAIWAN--(Business Wire/Korea Newswire) November 5, 2018 -- The 2018 IeSF Esports World Championship will bring over 700 professional gamers and delegates from 50 nations to the Kaohsiung Arena from Nov. 9 through 11, and Kaohsiung City looks forward to sharing its cultural and natural wealth with these international visitors from around the world.

“We are very excited for the athletes to explore Kaohsiung,” stated Acting Kaohsiung Mayor Hsu Li-ming. “November is the most pleasant time of the year here, as it is well-suited for enjoying our beautiful scenery, cultural sites, gourmet seafood, and traditional snacks.”

Kaohsiung — which is also known as Taiwan’s Maritime Capital — offers scenic mountains, beaches, and rivers as well as marine, cultural, and historic attractions. The city has also recently launched a new urban light-rail system that holds the title for being the first of its kind in Asia to completely forgo an overhead catenary system.

Kaohsiung was also the host city for the 2009 World Games, and has since been holding at least one major international event, exhibition, or tournament on an annual basis.

The acting mayor noted that hosting the 2018 IeSF Esports World Championship will not only enhance Taiwan’s international profile in esports, but will also highlight Kaohsiung’s dedication to fostering an environment conducive to the development of new industries such as competitive gaming.

Hsu, who enjoys mobile and computer games as well, said that Kaohsiung looks forward to hosting more international gaming events as esports is poised to become a medal event on the global arena.

In recent years, the city government has been developing Asia’s New Bay Area in Kaohsiung by upgrading harbor facilities to accommodate more cultural and creative enterprises, exhibition venues, and digital and gaming operators.

The Taiwan eSports League has also agreed to invest NT$200 million (US$6.45 million) towards building the nation’s first-ever professional stadium for esports at the Kaohsiung Music Center.

The 2018 IeSF Esports World Championship will take place at the Kaohsiung Arena from Nov. 9 through 11. Please visit http://2018iesf-wc.com.tw/en for more information.

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  • Kaohsiung Gears up for 2018 IeSF Esports World Championship
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