Dr. Yu-mi Jung of Magic Kiss Dental Clinic, Patented for orthodontic technique to improve gummy smile

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2018-07-13 13:25
Dr. Yumi Jung of Magic Kiss dental clinic is smiling with dental model
SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA--(Korea Newswire) July 13, 2018 -- Dr. Yu-mi Jung of Magic Kiss Dental Clinic acquired a patent for the technique to improve gummy smile and correct teeth at the same time.

The core of this patent is that it allows for the resolution of ‘Gummy Smile (the exposed gum while smiling)’ to solve through the straightening of teeth, and is designed to be applied to the lingual orthodontic braces system as well. In many cases, it is difficult to get rid of a gummy smile with the force of pulling the teeth back only. However, the technique is to reduce these side effects by setting vectors of coordination in the direction of insertion while pulling the teeth into the upper and rear and resolving the gummy smile itself.

With this technique, another movement in the field of aesthetic dentistry is made by reducing side effects and reducing the length of the orthodontic treatment period. “Anyone can smile confidently if anyone try,” said Dr. Jung. “Dentists help to make the results of these efforts easier to realize.”

In fact, Dr. Yu-mi Jung was patented the Smile Line Analysis Kit for tooth shaping and gum contouring, and published a book titled “Smile Design.” She also made her name by appearing on TV shows such as “Let Me In” “Beautiful You, ” and “ Daesenam.” As a result, many patients including Korean celebrities are visiting the Magic Kiss Dental Clinic. In particular, many foreign patients visit her to do Botox and surgery for gummy smile correction.

In addition, Magic Kiss Dental Clinic has English speaking doctors and staffs for foreigners' convenience.

Meanwhile, Dr. Jung was awarded the Health and Welfare Minister of Korea's citation for celebrating the 83 Oral Health Day in June.

About Magic Kiss Dental Clinic

The is located in front of Exit 5 of Apgujeong Station. In addition to ‘Treatment of teeth’ such as implants and cavities, ‘Aesthetic dental treatment’ containing Clear aligners (Invisalign, transparent orthodontic braces), laminates (Veneers), teeth shaping and gum contouring plasty, teeth whitening, gummy smile correction surgery and jaw joint treatment. Anyone who visits Magic Kiss Dental Clinic can feel kindness and delicacy. In addition, the Magic Kiss Dental Clinic uses state-of-the-art digital equipment to predict the results to increase the accuracy of treatment, and to consult and establish the best treatment plan.
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  • Dr. Yu-mi Jung of Magic Kiss Dental Clinic, Patented for orthodontic technique to improve gummy smile
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