Radiation Shield Technologies Reports Increase in U.S. and International Consumers Purchasing 'Demron' Personal-Protection Gear Used by First Responders

Demron is Noted as World's Only Personal Protection Gear that Guards Against Nuclear, Chemical, Biological, Radiation, Viral, and Heat Stress Threats
출처: Radiation Shield Technologies
2018-02-08 10:00
MIAMI--(Business Wire/Korea Newswire) February 8, 2018 -- Radiation Shield Technologies, noted as the only manufacturer offering personal protection gear that is proven to provide protection against ionizing radiation, chemical and biological threats as well as heat stress, is reporting an increase in direct sales to civilians in the U.S. and worldwide, particularly in South Korea, of the Demron personal-protection gear traditionally used by first responders and other safety professionals.

Demron, which has many U.S. and international patents, consists of an advanced radiopaque nanopolymeric compound fused between layers of fabric. The Demron product line, which includes full-body suits, vests and blankets, has been deployed worldwide by every branch of the U.S. military, U.S. CST teams, FDNY, IAEC, NASA, and many international first responder and military teams in South Korea, China, Iraq, Kuwait, Pakistan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, and Singapore. Scientists have selected Demron for thermo-mechanical suits for future space travel.

“The new increase in direct purchases of Demron gear from civilians throughout the U.S. and such countries as South Korea reflects the public’s growing concerns due to the uncertainties surrounding our current global affairs,” said Ronald DeMeo, MD, the surgeon who is CEO of RST and invented Demron.

“Based on an increased demand, recent months have seen a spike in a variety of manufacturers marketing protective gear to consumers online, and safety experts are advising the public to conduct thorough research before making purchases,” said Janine McCartney, Ph.D., a senior safety engineer/expert with HHC Services, a corporate safety engineering consultancy.

“Consumers may find selecting an effective radiation suit capable of protecting them against exposure to a mixture of alpha, beta and gamma radiation to be a daunting task, as advertisements and claims made by some vendors about body protection appear confusing,” said Dr. McCartney, who recently purchased Demron for safety engineering work after conducting extensive market research. “Selection of the wrong type of radiation suit could lead to under-protection and overexposure. The only standard for radiation protection clothing is ISO 8194. When evaluating radiation suits for purchase such as Demron, checking the suits’ certifications is a good place to start.”

Dr. McCartney said Demron is the only suit that meets her criteria: “We wanted to purchase a radiation suit that had been tested in the field, used by nuclear workers and had positive worker protective results when worn by workers in disasters such as the Fukushima cleanups and other chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear emergencies. Based on our company criteria, we selected Demron.”

In addition to its proven performance and higher levels of protection, Demron also is differentiated by its ability to keep users cool. Other suits quickly trap heat cause users to become increasingly weak until they are incapacitated. Because the suits are designed to keep harmful agents from entering, they also keep heat from exiting. However, the self-cooling Demron fabric has unique thermally conductive properties that enable heat to escape through thermal radiation and also enable the suits to be cooled externally without compromising the suits.

Demron also is differentiated for its softness, flexibility, ruggedness, durability, and ability to withstand tearing, extensive use, decontamination procedures and corrosive agents. Demron’s certifications include: ASTM F1670, ASTM F1671 Blood and Viral Penetration. ISO 8194 Certified: Radiation Protective Clothing, ISO 9001 Certified: Quality Management.

RST manufactures Demron and the nano materials at its research and development facility in Miami.

About Radiation Shield Technologies

Radiation Shield Technologies, with headquarters in Miami, is a world leader in the research, design and production of personal-protection systems for ionizing and nuclear radiation. For more information, visit www.radshield.com or call 866.7.DEMRON.

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  • Radiation Shield Technologies Reports Increase in U.S. and International Consumers Purchasing ‘Demron’ Personal-Protection Gear Used by First Responders
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