HybridBlock Introduces HybridTrade - An Advanced Trading Platform Set to Disrupt Global Crypto-Trading Industry

Closed Beta Opens to Select Users Q4 2017; Launch Complemented with App-Driven "HybridCentral" Education & Training Program
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2017-10-12 22:00
SINGAPORE--(Business Wire/Korea Newswire) October 12, 2017 -- HybridBlock, a leading developer of advanced blockchain solutions, today introduced HybridTrade, the world’s most advanced trading platform that interfaces across multiple crypto-exchanges. Open for a Closed Beta experience later this year (full launch in early 2018), HybridTrade is built to ensure users receive optimal pricing, lowest latency and most reliable order execution. As part of the launch, HybridBlock is also introducing HybridCentral this November, a unique app-driven education hub that offers users access to easy-to-follow education modules and much more. HybridTrade, which is set to disrupt a crypto-trading ecosystem that is rife with liquidity concerns and complexity, is poised to be the de facto standard for traders of varying levels of expertise worldwide.

HybridTrade, which allows users to sign up, fund and manage a single trading account, monitor their HybridFund portfolio or actively trade their account, capitalizes on arbitrage opportunities and maximizes liquidity needs across global cryptocurrency exchanges through HybridWatch, a single dashboard, interface and wallet that removes the need for traders to establish separate accounts across various global exchanges. Since these global exchanges each trade at different prices for each cryptocurrency, HybridTrade users benefit from the best pricing opportunity to buy or sell along with increased access to liquidity, and do it from a single user-friendly account specifically tailored for users’ cryptocurrency trading proficiency needs.

Additionally, for traders that are seeking the large amounts of liquidity very quickly and reliably, this feature will allow them to execute trades simultaneously across multiple exchanges with millisecond-latency execution - literally THE fasted trading available on any exchange in the world. Once a trade is executed, HybridMonitor will enable users to continuously track the status of their trades and even modify a trade that is in progress. HybridChart and HybridNews will facilitate users’ needs for real-time trading data and advanced technical charting tools while also providing key updates to breaking crypto-news around the world.

“Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are rapidly becoming household names across the world. Yet, the number of people who actually understand how to create their own wallet, fund it, purchase and use their first Bitcoin is still extremely low,” said Carson Knuth, VP operations, HybridBlock. “We believe the key to capitalizing on the market opportunity of the blockchain is by educating the masses on blockchain’s revolutionary technology, and by developing much needed blockchain business applications. The ease of use of these solutions will allow the masses to take part in and monetize the industry.”

Learning about cryptocurrency and how to invest and trade it can be confusing and daunting, and because of this, HybridBlock has created HybridCentral, an app-driven education hub where information is curated by experts in the crypto space. Featuring a gamified learning methodology, students are incentivized for active daily participation in the program with the ultimate goal of enabling them to quickly gain an understanding of cryptocurrency, the blockchain space, and make their first purchase using the HybridTrade platform.

With celebrities, trading experts, and other recognized experts in the blockchain space, users will enjoy easy-to-understand daily video descriptions that outline important concepts to understand, helping them improve their financial intelligence and their crypto knowledge, all by adopting HybridBlock’s innovative blockchain solutions.

“HybridBlock understands that the fast moving and dynamic nature of the crypto space demands real-time information drawn from around the world,” said Jeff Dubinsky, VP sales & marketing, HybridBlock. “Whether you have only a basic understanding of buying and selling or a deep technical background, HybridTrade offers a consolidated, user friendly experience.”

Online Press Kit: https://goo.gl/97QBr6

About HybridBlock

HybridBlock is the world’s most innovative trading and education platform for leveraging the disruptive technologies emerging from the blockchain space. It is an alternative for those who want to benefit from the explosive growth of cryptocurrencies without the high risk and complexity that accompanies digital asset trading. HybridBlock is simply the most efficient and effective way to participate. For more information, visit www.hybridblock.io

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  • HybridBlock Introduces HybridTrade - An Advanced Trading Platform Set to Disrupt Global Crypto-Trading Industry
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