noUV Announces Totally New Way to Protect Human Bodies from Harmful UV Rays Using Extract from Ferns

"noUV" "Orally Ingestible Sunscreen"
Sold Online and at over 2,300 Stores, including Duty-Free Shops
출처: noUV Inc.
2017-08-10 11:15
TOKYO--(Business Wire/Korea Newswire) August 10, 2017 -- noUV Inc., a health and beauty care supplement company, has created “noUV,” an orally ingestible sunscreen supplement as a totally new way to protect the body from harmful effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

noUV products are available for purchase at Rakuten Global Market Website at:

The creation of noUV ingestible supplement was supervised by a team of doctors from the “Tokyo Isea Clinic” of cosmetic surgery and dermatology, and was designed to overcome the problem of deterioration in effectiveness of conventional topical sunscreens when applied unevenly or when exposed to water or sweat.

noUV uses an extract taken from fern plants known as polypodium leucotomos, which has long been used in treatment of malignant tumors, for its antioxidant effect to prevent blemishes and wrinkles from forming due excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays of sunlight.

Since noUV’s launch in May 2015, it has received large amounts of media coverage and steadily expanded the number of stores selling noUV to over 2,300 nationwide stores, including major drug stores and other retail stores, within Japan, in addition to online stores as of July 2017. noUV was recognized as the top selling sunscreen in Rakuten Market online shopping site just three months after its sales launch in July 2015, and noUV Care White bottle type beauty care product also won top ranking in Rakuten Market in June 2017 just several months after it was launched in February 2017.

Partial List of Retail Stores in Japan Selling noUV
MS · STYLE, ESCUBE, daiichi of medicine, shop in, Thank you drug, Drag eleven, Drag Shinsei

Duty-Free Stores
Einz & Torpe, Bic Camera, Don Quijote
Notes: Excluding some stores and handling may be different depending on the season

Product Information
[Price: 1,800 yen (excluding tax) / Capacity: 10 capsules]
noUV Care White
[Price: 9,800 yen (excluding tax) / Capacity: 90 capsules]
Note: We recommend you to take it 30 mins prior to sun exposure. It will be effective for 2 hours.

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Media Contact: noUV Inc.   Ayaka Wada   +81-3-5428-4106 (For Japanese)   (For English and Japanese)
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  • noUV Announces Totally New Way to Protect Human Bodies from Harmful UV Rays Using Extract from Ferns
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